Smoke-Free Multiple Unit Housing

Smoke-Free Multiple Unit Housing

The Environmental Health Program (EHP) addresses issues of secondhand smoke in multi-family housing. Suggest to your property manager or HOA to contact someone at the state or local health department level to discuss what options are available to them in creating a smoke-free community.

Utah’s Smoke-free Multi-unit Housing Guide is designed to promote smoke-free housing for Utahans. The Guide contains information for apartment managers, owners, and HOAs as well as individuals seeking multi-family housing that has a no-smoking policy in place. The Guide is divided into three sections, listed below. Click on each header to access more information.

Sections of the Guide

  • Property Manager's Section – The landlord section includes useful tools to help building owners and managers with the creation of a smoke-free policy and with the transition to a smoke-free policy create a smoke-free policy and transition to a smoke-free one for their community.
  • Resident's Section – The resident section includes useful tools that will assist individuals in protecting themselves from secondhand smoke exposure and finding communities that have adopted a smoke-free policy.
  • Utah’s Smoke-free Multi-unit Housing Directory – The directory lists rental properties that have adopted a smoke-free policy.

Educational Information

If you would like to educate your manager or landlord about the benefits of a smoke-free policy in your community and the steps on implementing a policy, link to the following: